Elanchau is a minimalist platformer made in under 48 hours by a 13 year old for the GMTK Game Jam 2020 - The theme was "out of control"

Tools used: Unity 2019.3, Adobe Photoshop, Ecrett Music,  Audacity, Bosca Ceoil. 




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AuthorHarsh Singh
Made withUnity


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Smooth game loop! Great aesthetic too. Good simple tutorial as well.

thanks so much!

Really impressive that you managed to pull this off alone with so little time! Feels like you really polished it a lot and achieved a great flow. The gameplay on its own is fun but the slow motion when you're about to be hit completes the experience and managed to keep my flow state going. On my best run I managed to get a score of 44. Not sure if that's good, but I had a fun time :)

And the sound design is not bad, even though you say you suck at it. The music has a nice clean sound and feels just right for the game. And the explosions are satisfying but not too overpowering. The only sound I don't like is that high pitched beep (I think that's when objects spawn) and a sound effect that plays when entering slowmo would be pretty cool.


the "spawn sound" was the only one i found online lmfaooooo. but yea, thanks for your feedback man, i appreciate it so much.

Nice Game Pro <3 but there is a problem with Music when i back to the menu the music of the game still work above the music of the menu.

forgot 😬 sorry.

The game is so polished it's really amazing! The little stuff like slow motion when near an enemy makes this game so much more enjoyable! Congrats dude really cool!

thanks so much man! makes my day :)